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—the artwork of Sarahbeth Barlas— 

  Rene H. contacted me about creating a showmanship leather bridle for her Breyer Animal Creations®' American Saddlebred Stallion mold. I researched the styles available, and then the first—and so far only released—SSS's leather creation (Classy Tack) was designed.
The bridle features custom packaging (not shown), tiny signatures in black marker on all straps, a "copper" pelham bit with gold hardware, working tongue buckles on the cheek straps, faux stitch detail, and a green glossed browband. The bridle was built on a Breyer Animal Creations®' Keltec Salinero mold but is also shown here on the National Show Horse model.
(The wraps are only for styling and were not included with the final sale.)

I want you to *see* the quality in my work.
Each picture is a thumbnail that will open into a huge, full-screen shot.



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