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Policies and Shipping

Thank you for your interest! All sales are handled through email or in person at live shows. By opening an order with Summer Storms Studios (SSS), you agree to these policies. Please understand such policies are to protect both parties in the transaction. Take them seriously for they will be a contract to which you, and I, will be held.

Age Requirement: Legally, I cannot sell to minors. That means the person who makes payment to me must be 18 years or older -regardless of buyer's country of origin. However, I see absolutely no problem with a minor forming all email negotiations with me as long as 1) a legal guardian of the minor agrees to my terms herein and 2) payment is sent by that guardian (e.g. from a parent's PayPal account).

How to Order: When ordering, please email Sarahbeth Barlas at SBarlas@msn.com or use the “Contact Seller” button on MH$P. Describe what you would like to order, your preferred method of payment (with time payments and desired additional shipping services if applicable), and your zip code. (Put "SSS's" into email subject.)

Payments: A minimum 50% nonrefundable down payment is required to place an order. Do NOT send any money until I have confirmed your slot in my books. The remaining 50% of payment is due ten (10) days after I have notified you of the piece's completion. There are no sales taxes applied to my pieces. All payments in U.S. funds.

Payment Method: I accept Paypal.com payments to my email: SBarlas@msn.com (Credit Card OK). By Paypal policy, you must select "goods," and NOT "personal," when sending funds. I will accept money orders (must clear before items are shipped) if I know which company/organization you will go through. I will also consider meeting in person at local live shows to accept payment in cash.

Time Payments: Time payment options are available on orders over $50.00. Time payment plans are a serious obligation: it is fully the buyer’s responsibility to contemplate all what-if cases before making such business commitments. No funds sent under time payment plans may be refunded. If you understand these conditions and wish to open a time payment plan, please note the following...
        A minimum of 25% of the total payment needs to be paid upfront to place an order.
        A minimum of 10%* of the total payment needs to be paid after the first 25% down payment is sent.
*This 10% may occur weekly or monthly (dates will be set before any funds are accepted). I will send a bill (by email) a week before your next payment is due and a confirmation email when funds are received. If a payment is missed, I will contact you (by phone): you will have one additional week to make the payment or you imply a cancellation of the sale. Any following late payments receive no warning and imply automatic cancellation.

Shipping Services: Unless stated otherwise, "Basic Shipping" anywhere within the continental United States is included in the sale price of all items. In an attempt to keep prices low, SSS's Basic Shipping has all shipments go through the U.S Postal Service without additional services by whatever means is most convenient (e.g. Priority vs. regular mail). Please request any additional services not mentioned in the sale's description when discussing your payment plan.

Guarantee: If you are unhappy with your purchase at any point, please contact me immediately. Do not hesitate to let me know if my work is faulty; I will want to determine the cause! If you have ordered veterinary wraps, which degrade with use, simply send them back with equal postage inside an envelope, and I will ship you another set.

Privacy: I may use your first name and last initial in the Gallery and when quoting references for advertising SSS’s. I also write reviews on Model Horse Hobby References’ Yahoo© group, which can include any information provided by MH$P: full name and either email addy or state of residence (to distinguish between, for example, two Mary Smiths). No other personal information will be shared or otherwise offered to anyone anywhere.

© 2009 Sarahbeth Barlas
All rights reserved. Sarahbeth Barlas’s work may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published (includes blogs), transmitted or uploaded by any means without the written permission of the artist. Summer Storms Studios was designed through hours of tedious work by the artist and the pages within may not be used as a template.